Jana Grill & Bakery 

Winter Special


Saturdays and Sundays 10am-2pm (Winter)

Traditional Armenian hooves soup, which consumption is more of a ritual rather than dining. Click below for the full story of Khash and join us on a Saturday or Sunday morning to enjoy the dish or simply cure your hangover with it. Price: $15 (includes 1 fresh and 1 dry lavash)

Daily Special

Ajarian Khachapuri

Always on the menu. 

Adjarian (acharuli) Khachapuri: one of the most beloved Georgian meals by kids and adults.Eating it with utensils is a crime. You must tear off the corners of the bread with hands, dip it in egg and cheese and enjoy.

Weekly Special

Georgian Khinkali

Every Wednesday 5-9pm

Famous Georgian soup dumplings with beef & lamb filling. We make each khinkali fresh once the order is received, thus for big quantities order ahead to reduce the wait time. Price: $1.95 each

Daily Special

Megruli Khachapuri

Always on the menu. 

Excellent meal for the winter time. Think of cheese pizza, and tripple the cheese.